Holistic Dentistry

Your child’s health is our TOP PRIORITY!

Composite/White Fillings

  • The only kind of fillings our office provides is BPA free and mercury free fillings which are white in color. So not only are they very esthetic, but they are also very safe and pose no health risks!!!

Digital X-rays

  • All of the X-ray equipment in our office is state of the art digital technology. So not only are these X-rays better quality, but they produce MUCH LESS radiation exposure for your child!!

Silver Diamine Fluoride

  • This natural product can be placed on a decayed tooth to slow down(arrest) decay and to avoid traditional “drilling and filling.” This treatment may not be appropriate for all cavities, so ask your doctor if this might be an option for your child.

Latex Free

  • All gloves used in our office are latex free; however each child is offered a balloon at the end of treatment, so if there are latex allergies in your family, please inform us prior to your child’s visit.

Gluten Free

  • All our toothpastes, fluorides and restorative materials are gluten free.