Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation / General Anesthesia

Our office has a multiple licensed anesthesiologists on staff who can safely provide IV sedation/general anesthesia to your child. This service is provided in-office and can usually be scheduled within a week or 2. With this type of sedation, your child will be completely asleep during the treatment and will awaken having no recollection of the treatment itself. One additional benefit to this type of sedation is that your child will not be “numb” when they wake up, since novocaine is not necessary when the child is asleep. Of course, if the treatment could cause any post-op pain, novocaine may be used to make the child more comfortable following the procedure. This type of sedation is appropriate for a more apprehensive child and those children who might need more extensive dental work that would generally take 6o minutes or more to complete. Using this type of sedation ensures that all treatments can be completed in one visit.