Special Kids Dental

At That Broadway Smile, we are committed to providing the best dental care for all children regardless of their development or other special health care needs. Our team is specially trained to treat all special needs patients at our uniquely-designed office. Our goal is to create relationships with you and your child that will last a lifetime.

Every child is unique… and every child develops at their own pace… and every child responds differently to every situation… they follow their own path…and we understand.

At That Broadway Smile we know that every special needs child is different and unique; and that every family has specific concerns about the challenges that their child faces, including dental care.

We understand that the mere thought of bringing your special needs child to the dentist can make you feel extremely stressed! We are here to alleviate your stress and concerns.

People Ask Us

Q: Do special needs children have special dental needs?

A: YES! Most special needs children do. Some are very susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, or oral trauma. Others sometimes require medication or diets which may be detrimental to their dental health. Some special needs children have physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to effectively brush their teeth by themselves. We always instruct parents how they can help and which oral care products are the best ones to use to prevent oral disease.

Q: Can I prevent dental problems for my special needs child?

A: Yes you can. You should schedule their first dental appointment by their first birthday (or as soon as their first tooth erupts.) This way, our dental specialists can review with you all the ways you can help prevent oral disease. Many parents do not understand that proper diet and brushing as soon as the first tooth erupts is the key to a healthy mouth. Many special needs patients are on the nursing bottle for a prolonged period of time which can cause a whole host of dental problems.

Q: What makes pediatric dentists different from my general dentist to be able to handle my child?

A: Pediatric dentists have advanced training for at least 2 additional years after dental school to learn to care for children’s teeth. This extended education program focuses on care for special needs patients as well. Baby teeth are entirely different than adult teeth and children cannot be treated like “small adults”. The evaluation and treatment of children’s teeth is drastically different than the evaluation and treatment of adult teeth. Our entire facility, including every treatment room at That Broadway Smile, is specifically designed to be inspiring, joyful and non-intimidating. Each area was designed to be highly accommodating and physically accessible for special needs patients.

Q: How might you get my child’s treatment completed if they are truly uncooperative?

A: Some children do well sitting on their parent’s laps, while others do well with the use of nitrous oxide (sweet air). If a child has extensive dental needs and is apprehensive and unable to cooperate for treatment, the doctors may suggest the use of IV sedation. Our Doctors frequently provide all of your child’s dental care in one visit under IV sedation. Our Doctors along with our on-staff Anesthesiologists will provide your child the best care possible.

Each area was designed to be highly accommodating and physically accessible for special needs patients.

How to Prepare

Teach your child what to expect.

Your special needs child will be less anxious and apprehensive if they have some idea of what to expect at their dental appointment. We suggest you review our photo gallery with them or walk them through our office prior to their actual visit. You may also request that a flip book from our office be sent to you, so you and your child may repeatedly look at all the photos of our treatment rooms, doctors, instruments, etc. This way, when they arrive at That Broadway Smile, it won’t be so unfamiliar or scary.

Try to pick a low-stress, high-success time.

Try to select a time for your child’s appointment when he or she is most likely to be relaxed and able to cope with the stress of visiting the dentist. If he or she is usually wired up after school, or has difficulty waiting, that is probably not the best time to visit us. Other special needs children are bothered by missing school upsetting their routine. Therefore, do not make an appointment when they would prefer to be in school. On the other hand, if your child likes to miss school, bring them during school hours to help make it a happy event!

*Please keep in mind that Saturdays and after-school hours are our busiest times, so if your child tends to become anxious, please let us know and we will schedule a time most appropriate for your child.

Waiting for the dentist.

At That Broadway Smile, we have dedicated our entire office to the care and needs of all children… with particular consideration towards those children with special needs. We understand that your child will likely spend a period of time in our waiting room, so during that time they can take advantage of our child-size movie theater (popcorn included!), and our video game area.